First Post

OK, here goes with the first post on my new Blog. I should explain something about my research and my other interests.

When I was at school (many years ago), we were given a project to chat to our families & create a family tree from the information we got. Even then, I found it interesting. Mine was pretty large (mainly because my dad had 9 siblings) even though I only went back to my grandparents.

I started researching the tree in earnest just 2 years ago when a colleague mentioned he was tracing his family. We chatted about it & he showed me a few websites and I typed in some of the names that I knew and was immediately frustrated (as they were all born after 1910, the BMD indices weren’t (and mostly still aren’t) transcribed yet) but instead of being put off, I was intrigued & delved deeper, asked my family for more info & started getting somewhere. Two years later, I have almost 3000 names in the tree and have gone back many generations.

Obviously, along the way, I have hit some stumbling blocks but I have had some surprises & successes too, in the coming posts, I’ll outline some of the things I’ve found out, moan about some brick walls (like the Smiths) and maybe even ask for help & advice, so hopefully, you’ll keep coming back & commenting & we can learn from each other.

On a personal note, I am now 36 years old and working at a University in the Media Arts department which means I get to train people on the latest video editing & graphics packages (and play with them myself!). My real passion in life at the moment is photography and it takes up almost the same amount of my time as the family tree. I have a little photoblog too, pop over & have a look: pic-a-day

2 Responses to First Post

  1. Helen Sills says:

    Are you the Neil Smith who contacted me in 2001 regarding the Leonard Keeling Bradley line? If so, I would like to compare notes with you now.

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